Friday, December 08, 2006

Mesopotamia's Revenge

I think we have a "new" strain of the IraqNamese version of the Aztec Toilet Two-Step now spreading through America's "foreign policy elites." Call it Mesopotamia's Revenge":

See the lame ruptured duck, Deputy Dubya Bush, do the "Funky Chicken" endlessly moonwalking backwards over the same ground on his way to his "vision" of Mars.

Hear his influence-peddling advisor, Henry Kissinger, lament that our friends will lose their "confidence" and our enemies will lose their "fear" if Deputy Dubya, "the leader of the free world," doesn't resolutely continue behaving in this ludicrous fashion, all the while "steadfastly" shitting blood and billions like bird diarrhea from an incontinent idiot ostrich.

Observe both our "friends" and "enemies" protest vehemently that Henry Kissinger insults their good sense and intelligence by supposing them as stupid and blind as him.


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