Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A New Leash on Lives

I support Congressman Dennis Kucinich -- as would have Alexander Hamilton -- in his proposal to curb Executive wars of presidential aggrandizement by simply denying our pathetic, erstwhile Napoleons the funds for their military misadventures.

I understand that the Constitution specifically states that all money bills must originate in the House of Representatives, which the Democratic Party -- suitably empowered by the American people -- now controls. So I fail to see why the Democrats don't simply disregard what the discredited Sheriff Dick Cheney and Deputy Dubya Bush say they want. These reckless, free lunch, deadbeat gamblers have had all the Warfare Welfare and Make-work Militarism that any corrupt and clueless co-presidency should ever have gotten its four dirty hands on in the first place. The Congress can and should hold its own hearings and then budget its own spending proposals for withdrawing our military forces from Iraq before considering any other military spending requests. With the troops' safe withdrawal from Iraq funded, the porkers can then fight over their own needlessly bloated weapons systems, obsolete bases, et cetera. Anyone wishing for any more of these needless things than what the nation's income can afford, pay-as-you-go, can come up with the necessary new revenues to fund them. That ought to put an end to all this Iraq occupation bullshit really fast.

This victim/veteran of the Nixon-Kissinger Fig Leaf Contingent (Vietnam 1970-1972) does not intend to stand by silently and witness the needless slaughter of the Cheney-Bush Buy Time Brigade. As the jaded Vietnamese bar girls used to taunt the broke and hard-up GIs on Tu Do Street in Saigon: "No money, no honey!"

Now, go to it Congressional Democrats. Congressman Dennis Kucinich has shown you the way. Sheriff Dick and Deputy Dubya need a new leash on lives -- a short one.


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