Friday, December 01, 2006

Romanovs and Rasputins circa 2007

Ever since my desultory days in the Nixon-Kissinger Fig Leaf Contingent (Vietnam 1970-1972), I have thought of the United States Government the Lunatic Leviathan, because no matter what its own stated views of itself and its motives, the actual policies adopted by it reek of rampant schizophrenia and what George Orwell called "Nationalism," i.e., "power hunger tempered by self-deception." As only the most egregious example now under consideration: If the United States Government really considered the Middle East a strategic asset and Iraq a "cornerstone" of that strategy, then how in the hell could the American government outsource the "study" of such an "important" (dare I even say, "vital") interest to a claque of retread Washington political hacks with virtually no knowledge of the Middle East among them. Other than perhaps Jim Baker (of the Baker-Hamilton ISG) himself, I doubt seriously if any in that ass-covering committee could locate Iraq on a map. Sandra Day O'Connor? Vernon Jordon? Aw, for crying out loud! Somebody please give me a break!

Only one "Exit Strategy" concerns these people: namely, that of the pampered pack of political parasites who call themselves America's "foreign policy elite." The majority of these people have frequently advocated completely counter-productive policies in the Middle East (including the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq along with the unthinking, kneejerk subsidizing of Israel's Zionist aparthied aggrandizement). They have done these illogical things primarily because Iraq, like Vietnam before it, represents nothing to these people but a domestic political football, what Barbara Tuchman called "intimidation [of the relatively powerless Emmanuel Goldstein 'liberals'] by the rabid right at home."

I claim that these worthless worms of the "George W. Bush Quagmire-Hand-off Group" have "accomplished" nothing but a vaguely-alluded-to "Vietnamization" stall not even honestly called "Iraqification" -- as Paul Wolfowitz actually termed it years ago in Congressional testimony. "Vietnamization," may I remind everyone, had another less euphemistic name: "Yellowing the Corpses." Iraqification has a similar one: "Browning the Bodies." Do I have to remind everyone that the intended foreign corpses in these racist, paternalistic scams do not in the least plan to cooperate in haplessly supplying the skin coloration disguising America's obscure -- even to Americans -- foreign policy objectives?

Unfortunately for the Iraqi people, they -- like the Vietnamese before them -- will only obtain their independence (and control over their own natural resources) from America by fighting America and its on-again-off-again proxy-puppets. It should never have come to this terrible pass, but it has. But since the Crusades died in the twelfth century and colonialism died in the twentieth, I suspect that the current American colonial crusade will fail utterly due to Parkinson's Law and the Peter Principle succumbing to the Law of Diminishing Returns. Someday, though, American foreign policy "elites" may forget Deputy Dubya Bush's infantile ego, cut the apron strings to its indigent infant Israel, and even remember Donald Rumsfeld's dictum that "nobody would go to war for oil when they can far more easily and cheaply just buy this 'fungible' commodity from whomever puts it up for sale in the market place." For once the senile old bastard spoke truly!

The Lunatic Leviathan is loose again and running amok. It doesn't have a brain. It doesn't think "strategically." It only responds to atavistic emotional imperatives and the "nationalism" (or, "power hunger tempered by self-deception") rampant among its so-called and self-styled "foreign policy elites" who have now screwed the pooch at high noon in Central Park after brazenly summoning a crowd to watch them triumphantly groom a poodle -- so to speak. They look stupid. They look reckless. They look incompetent. In 2007, they look like the Russian Romanovs in 1917. And they know it.


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